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2 years ago

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Been reading the letters here for weeks and found that the most interesting (if not all true ) and some are a real change. He has good memories from the period of 10 years changes my ex and I had Pauline in the 80's and early 90's. Some of these I # would like to share this page. all started in '86, when, after the xxxtubes birth of our first child, Paulina suddenly a sexual vampire hunger. Before. Our sex life was very routine, the xxxtubes usual once or twice a week. Suddenly, during one of our sex sessions growing, she said she would like another man to us. After the initial surprise, I found the idea of ​​a great start and our sex sessions took another upturn. She confessed to treat a big cock instead of my usual 6 inches. I told him he was a friend of mine, Cliff, in the football club, the VWE with a thickness of 10 inches knew. His eyes lit up and discuss it with a monster in every sex session, which had become aeveryday and had trouble keeping up. I asked them if they want their fantasy is real, as I had the idea, and wanted to try. She responded with a resoundingyes! Over the next few weeks, I had suggested Cliff somehow was no longer compete with Pauline does not claim more and wanted to relate to other men in our sex life, and I did not, however, some of his missing me and I jokingly said that could be a candidate, and that may xxxtubes be involved, and the rose. When I got home I told Pauline what we talked and she was really interested in and rubbed and rubbed, while I spoke. He said that before he would agree to a MMF with Cliff, but I thought it would be nice if you had to deal with a total stranger. We xxxtubes had seen the ads in our local garment industry, and suggested to look there. She agreed and sent me to buy one right away when you want to try as soon as we fix it, do not care. This evening we wentthrough our fingers, and she took a man named Steve, who lived about 30 miles away and an attack was described as young, well- equipped married man looking for a fun pair of triple. So she called him and set a date for 7p. m on the night of Friday, it was Wednesday. The next day, all I could think was Pauline, fucked by a big cock and was thrilled with the xxxtubes arrival of Steve. Pauline went xxxtubes shopping on Friday to get some new underwear and socks for use at night. I came home from work to find her try on her new clothes and was very dark on her thong, Sussie belt and silk xxxtubes stockings, it was hard, my hands of it can be. We ask the kids to bed at six and prepared for the arrival of Steve 's session with a hot foreplay on the couch talking about what could happen. Shortly before 7, someone knocked on the door and Paulina went to answer it. I heard them say hello and a man's voice answer this for you. Thank xxxtubes you, Come, he said, and led him in our living room with a bottle of wine. We present and a few glasses of P and we could talk and enjoy the wine. Just why he was there and began to caress the P big tits through her blouse, as we talked, my eyes fixed on the movements Steve 's hand and asked if P want to feel. Of coarse, he said, and came and sat beside her so she was in the middle. P paid back and enjoyed our hands explore her body with curves, now my hand was his green short skirt teasing her clit and Steve had his shirt unbuttoned and was inducted into the left nipple, which is xxxtubes like a clothespin . He started kissing me and Steve soon hand between her thighs to sit and enjoy the view from time to time gave him a sense decide right or sucking tits. It was not long before my jeans and began to undo the petting and rubbing my hands in the passing of Steve P. It is much larger than mocks betweensighs. Let's see, he said. They wasted no time off, Steve and his pants fat 8 incher came through his underwear. They continued to kiss and caress our cocks
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